Remaining Calm in the Storm of Cancer/Life

One of the greatest challenges I faced with cancer and its treatments was remaining calm and relaxed. Intuitively I felt this state would give me the best chance of healing. A body and mind in tension and stress compromises our immunity and I needed all the help I could get given how invasive radiation and chemo can be. It was my mind speculating in fear that was so difficult to overcome. This was true over and over again as I found myself worrying about the chemo or radiation treatments or some upcoming procedure that looked daunting and of course the prospect that I might die sooner than later. 

Our minds are constantly reaching into the future and speculating what might be coming next and when you’re under the pressure of cancer that speculating is usually done in fear.  Meditating on Love Trust Gratitude Healing helped shift my mind from fearful speculation of the future (which doesn’t exist because like Ram Dass used to say we can only be here now) to a more present introspective space. When I was thinking of my loved ones, who or what I trust and have gratitude for it helped relax my mind and center my being. 

How many times have we worried about the future only to find that when we got there our worries were for nothing. The awful things we speculated were going to happen never materialized. So we spent that time in the past uselessly. And perhaps today we’re worrying about something else that may be on the horizon. As this speculating goes on and on in our minds we miss out on the present. By cultivating Love, Trust and Gratitude I was better able to stay in the present moment and Healing followed. This was true on a spiritual, emotional and lucky for me even a physical level. You can read all about it in my memoir  Love Trust Gratitude Healing: Turning a Battle into a Dance and making Peace with Cancer  available in paperback and kindle editions at Amazon. 

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