Still in Remission Still in Motion

I received great news from my oncologist that I’m still in remission. There are no signs of multiple myeloma doing its devastating best. No matter how confident and healthy I felt going into my annual checkup I still experienced immense relief getting the news that we are keeping it at bay for now. As I mentioned in an earlier post the gap of time between being tested for cancer and getting the results is stressful. It can be downright paralyzing. Yes, fear often stops us in our tracks.

I’ve gotten better at dealing with my fearful situations by coming to understand that life rewards action. Indeed movement is fundamental to life and wellbeing. Whether it be exercise, repeating a mantra, helping others, or typing on a keyboard like I’m doing right now, positive things come out of our movement in the world provided we do it with empathy and awareness. Action that involves ego and self-interest always hits a dead end eventually.

There is much to be fearful of these days. The pandemic alone is enough to inspire one to hide under the covers. Throw in an economic catastrophe and an unresponsive government and we have a recipe for a spike in fear that could prove devastating as it is often expressed as anger. Anger blinds and the movement that results is usually violence. Violence is a low quality response to what confronts us in life.

Cancer has taught me that we can lose just about everything and still move ahead with love and what remains. As long as we can push through our fears and not succumb to them we can find the way.

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